Server, virtual server and RAID recovery is possible, but call the experts quickly 

When your server or RAID device suffers a physical or logical malfunction, the financial and reputational damage to your business can be crippling. Indeed, many companies that do not restore full access to their data are out of business in days.  
It is therefore imperative to seek expert advice immediately, to avoid further data loss or downtime. 
If you would like us to recommend a local data recovery expert to assist with your server, virtual server or RAID data recovery, please answer a few short questions below: 

How do I recover data from a server? 

Data loss affecting virtual and physical servers, RAID, NAS and SAN devices are usually business critical and deciding who to entrust your confidential data to is a technical and legal minefield. 
Not only is your ability to continue operating in a normal fashion compromised, but the potential reputational damage can also be very difficult to recover from. This is why you need to enage a team of server recovery experts that have the technical experience and toolsets to be able to quickly identify the cause and extent of the issue, and propose a non-destructive solution that meets your privacy and timeframe requirements. 
Often, the recovery will require the use of bespoke tools developed for your file system or hardware specifically, and as is often the case with data recovery services, the decisions made at the start of the process usually dictate the degree of success, so calling the experts in straight away for a review of the situation is paramount. Equally, any efforts to restore from backup or run off the shelf repair tools can cause irreparable damage
Additionally, the most effective outcome is frequently achieved by working together with the filesystem or hardware manufacturer, so it is important that your data recovery expert has these trusted relationships and can rely on this type of assistance as and when required. 
All of our expert server recovery recommendations have the credentials required to assist, including the ability to perform data recovery at your site when required, so you can select your provider with confidence
Simply click below and answer a few questions about your server data loss and get access to the right consultant straight away. 

What is the process for server data recovery? 

Recovering data from a server after an electromechanical or logical failure is often a challenging endeavour and one which needs not only expert tools, but also experienced data recovery engineers. 
The first step is usually an initial discussion about how the data loss occurred (if known), what steps have thus far been taken to try to rectify the situation, and what data appears to be lost and needs to be recovered. 
Based on this information, the server data recovery expert will usually require all storage devices within the server (even the ones that appear to be completely fine and fully operational) be sent to a data recovery lab for a fuller evaluation, in a dust-free environment. 
At this stage, any physical issues can be overcome, usually only temporarily, and the best raw image possible of the data on the server can be extracted for review by the data recovery software enginers. 
It usually takes a combination of commercial data recovery software tools, bespoke or custom-developed software, and the knowledge that an experienced data recovery engineer has about the various filesystems to perform a logical rebuild of the data. 
Ony then, after reviewing a file listing or actually attempting to open files, will you know whether or not the recovery has been successful. 

What types of server data recovery exist? 

Generally speaking, data recovery is possible from every type of server, filesystem, and data loss type, provided there is a sufficient percentage of the data area left to recover from. Some level of understanding (in collaboration with the manufacturer where necessary) as to how the data is written to the system is also crucial. 
Where there is so much physical damage that hardly any of the media remains operational - perhaps after a serious fire, or a significant head crash - it is very difficult indeed to recover as the fragments of data that are left are rarely enough to perform a reconstruction. 
These cases are thankfully in the minority however, which means that it is always advisable to seek professional help with server recovery and not assume your data is lost at the outset. 
So whether it's a virtual server data recovery or physical, the failure is logical or electromechanical, or the system is RAID, SAN, NAS or DAS, click below to find a server data recovery expert local to you that is vetted and recommended for server data recovery. 
Common server data recovery capabilities: 
Server type 
Data loss type 
Ransomware attack 
Damaged RAID 
Overwritten hosts 
Formatted VM 
Corrupt datastore 
Deleted snapshot 
Deleted file 
Power surge 
Fire or flood 
Power failure 
Rebuild failure 

How do I prevent further server data loss? 

There are a few best practice recommendations to ensure your server data recovery yields the best result possible, and these include: 
Power down or isolate the affected system as soon as you realise there is an issue. It is imperative that you no longer allow write access to the system as this could potentially overwrite data that you'd want to recover. If a ransomware attack, ensure no network access is possible. Read more on Ransomware Data Recovery
Do not attempt to run recovery tools or restore from backup. Again, until you know exactly what the issue is, it pays not to touch the server at all as you are potentially causing more damage than good, especially if there are any electromechanical problems. 
Leave the system in the state you find it, especially after fire or flood. Drying equipment usually causes further damage and it is best to keep it damp, and attempts to recover storage devices after other disasters like fires is not only dangerous, but also a sensitive process and one best left to the experts. 
Don't just call the local data recovery guy, or the first one you find on a search engine. There are many underqualified or even unscrupulous outfits in the industry, and only a handful that can truly be trusted to have the technology, service and confidentiality credentials to handle your server data recovery competently. 
All reputable data recovery companies will offer free initial advice, so take advantage of that and don't rush in to a decision because you are desperate to recover your data. A little research goes a long way towards a successful data recovery. 
Click below to see who we recommend in your region for server data recovery: 
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